If it doesn’t work on mobile, it doesn’t work

Se non funziona sui maledetti telefonini non funzionerà mai. Editori, sveglia

hacker journalist

I gave this talk at Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires in August. It’s been edited slightly for readability but I’ve left my notes for breathing and emphasis, and the bits of Spanish, intact. It just seems more correct that way.

HHBA mobile talk (1)

One of the big things that appealed to me when I considered taking a job at NPR was that they were doing really amazing work delivering news on many platforms – the radio, the web, and mobile phones – and I had been thinking a lot about mobile at my previous job.

HHBA mobile talk (2)

Photo by yooperann

I used to work at one of the world’s greatest newspapers, the Chicago Tribune. One project I worked on was an effort to create a new mobile version of our website. But something bothered me. We had decided, it seemed prematurely, that a mobile website was the right thing to make. So we backed up a bit…

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